Rise of the Dragon Lords

It is Draconia 1 5:2:517. A major Earthquake occurred. Soon afterward the Grand Tribes rejoiced…the Dragon Lords have return!. The Dragons of Darastrixa Ith Derolyle scatter in fear. The tribes become more fierce, the Golden City has returned on top of the Golden Platform, and the Kingdom of Arkania is now threaten by voices of extermination and ruins. this is now their Domain, one where they will fight for their path. A New age has begun in the Dragon Lord Domain.

Character Creation Guidelines

The Red Dragon Lord, Ixen Korinth

The Gold Dragon Lady, Aurix Daariv

The Grey Dragon Lord, Suaco Sventar

The Purple Dragon Lord, Shocharaos Ithdaar

The Black Dragon Lord, Marfedelom Pliso

The Blue Dragon Lady, Ilthyeo Pab

The Brass Dragon Lord, Tonn Verthicha

The White Dragon Lady, Xarzith Conros

Rise of the Dragon Lords

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