Darastrix Ith Derolyle

Darastrix Ith Derolyle is the largest continent on Terranath placed on the edge of the western hemisphere. Terranath is estimated to more than three times the size of Herdonica. It is also known as the Birthplace of Dragons by the natives, and to have the largest known population of dragon seen in history. Darastrix Ith Derolyle is a vibrant continent filled with such lush biome types from Mediterranean Forests to Alpines. The borders to the sea are primarily covered by Mountains save for large areas around the corners of the continent which allow current to flow throughout the continent.

The continent is named after the legendary Dragons held with such esteem and respect by the many many races (including dragons themselves) that they revival gods: Darastrix Ith, Dragon Lords. Darastrix Ith Derolyle is Draconic. When translated, it says Dragon lord Domain.

Many of the Tribes of the continent worship Tribal Gods, many of which became apparent to other nations after the first expedition to Darastrix Ith Derolyle. Many of the Dragons worship the Goddess of Dragons, Daranastrixa.

Darastrix Ith Derolyle General History can be found here

Major Factions and Nations:
Grand Tribe, Clan Ilthyeo Pab (Calm Water)
Grand Tribe, Clan Ixen Verthicha (Fire Mountain)
Grand Tribe, Clan Svant Togofor (Sky Plane)
Grand Tribe, Clan Mavli Edar (Enduring Earth)
Grand Tribe, Clan Aurix Ingowil (Gold Grace)
Grand Tribe, Clan Marfedelom Ehaism (Death Face)
Grand Tribe, Clan Shochraos Kepesk (Lightning Storm)
Grand Tribe, Clan Gul Svataril (Cold Acolytes)

The Kingdom of Arkarnia

The Houpetor Darastrix

Racial Composition: Human 20%, High-Elf 2%, Elf 10%, Wood-Elf 8%, Gnomes 8%, Half-elves 10 , Rotuo 20, Half-Goblin 8% Lizardfolk 10% Other 4%

Major Landmarks: The Golden Platform, The Dragon Pillars, The Magma Forge, The Monsoon Valley, The Endless Pond, The Thunder Plains, Rigid Canyon, Spiral Canyons, Ice Tower, The Shadow Wastes The Dragon’s Graveyard, The Draco Tunnels

Darastrix Ith Derolyle

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