You were born in a tribe here on Darastrixa Ith Derolyle. You have fought and survived among dragons, wild animals, enemy tribes, and the foreign invaders.

You begin the game with any non-exotic simple or martial weapon made from Iron or any non-exotic armor made from Iron. You may take several non-metallic items equal to your class’s starting gold, and you can buy items made from bone and/or obsidian as long as they are no exotic. Then convert your gold into shards by dividing your gold by 10.

The Ninja, Wizard, Magus, Monk, Alchemist, and Archanist are illegal classes. You may take wizard but with a familiar and the familiar is your spell book or Totem as a bonded item.

You start with Draconic as an additional language

You can also not be a Dwarf, Hydroplask, Goblin, or Half-goblin


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